Black Canvas, poetry

||•Darkness & Beauty•||

Beauty is found even within the darkness. It is painted on us in the vivid colors of love, pain, confusion, and mistakes. Embedding itself Scarring Leaving tattoo like impressions on our skin. Oh how we've endured such pain in the process but love the finished product in the end. 

Black Canvas, poetry

||•Killed the Cat•||

This is a poem from my book Black Canvas: I followed you Instead of my instincts that day From the playground to your efficiency Where you efficiently played on my curiosity And convinced me to stay. We talked For a little while, We sat there on your bed My 15 year old body Cradled between… Continue reading ||•Killed the Cat•||


||•Dark Chocolate •||

Dark chocolate  so smooth and subtle  she draws closer to me; nearing enough that I can brush softly against her skin.  I inhale her allowing her sweet aroma to fill my lungs. Desiring to taste the bitter goodness of her sin. I cannot resist her movements. The seduction in the sway of her hips. The… Continue reading ||•Dark Chocolate •||