||•Dark Chocolate •||

Dark chocolate 

so smooth and subtle 

she draws closer to me;
nearing enough
that I can brush softly against her skin. 
I inhale her
allowing her sweet aroma to fill my lungs.
Desiring to taste the bitter goodness of her sin.

I cannot resist her movements.
The seduction in the sway of her hips.
The flow of her hair and how it falls
against places on her body
I wish to kiss

Temptation, she is
and I dare not resist.
For when it comes to chocolate… 
the cravings, I will always give in.

She is a sea of uncharted curves 
and I am her explorer
seeking to find;
what desires lurk inside? 
What treasures will arise? 
What secrets she keeps hidden
behind those deep brown eyes?

She smiles
and I
am at her command
I stand before her… ready,
to take more than my fill. 
To taste her so deeply.
To let the heat of me
melt her on the tip of my tongue. 
Allowing her to fill me up
with all the nutrients that make love
so natural.


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