|| Temptation||

It beckons me

It smells my weakness
and it comes calling
creeping from beneath obscurities
Waiting to feast on my insecurities

Oh why do you smell so sweet?

Vanilla with a hint of possibility
As you stand there in all of your absolute glory.
Caramel complexion, contoured abs, bedroom eyes, beautiful smile, and perfect teeth.


No, no!
Wait, you can not have me.
Even as badly as I want you to have me.
I can not, we can not be.
So you go your way and I mine,
we must flee.

And so I run
I run as fast as my legs can take.
I had to get away so that you can not take me.
I stop for a minute to catch my breath


I look back only to see that you are still chasing…
Are you still…

Temptation beckons me
Threatening to break down the door to these 4 walls that I hide behind.

He thinks of me a prisoner and wants to rescue me.
Snatch me away, up into his arms, and into safety.

He wants me…

He wants to save me because I am the dummy who won’t walk away
from my current toxic situation and he sees it.
But to take that leap, I have never been that brave.
And I hold way too much pride to admit I needed saving

So I stayed…

Only to soon find regret the day
That temptation decided
And then started to walk away.

©Nicole K. 2016


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