Black Canvas

My Book Black Canvas is available thru Etsy NOW!!!

About my book:

Black Canvas: The Poetic Story is the telling of some experience from many women that I have gotten to know and sprinkled in with a few of my own. All of these stories have come together and are told through the eyes of one woman.

In the beginning, she speaks to who she was, starting from a very young girl and the issues she encountered then and going well into her teenage years. It then transitions into the phase of becoming a young adult, dealing with love and the emotions that go along with it. And lastly, embarking on the journey of getting to know herself and learning to love herself.

Although it was written for everyone to read it was written with women in mind. From young ladies learning to read to older women who still hold tightly to their secrets and being haunted by them daily. This book for me, was not only a release but to say that it is OK. It’s OK to speak up and speak out on things you fear that if u speak on, no one will be listening or they are and they just don’t want to believe it.
I hear you, I believe you, and I hurt with you.

*the book hints at some sensitive subjects.*
I hope the some if not all of you will purchase it for you or someone close to you and allow me to share with you a part of me.