BLACK CANVAS by Nicole Kidwell | Book Review

This review of my book touched me.

authenticitee speaks

I really prefer to buy books by indie authors who self publish because it’s my personal way of honoring their labor of love. In the past year or so however; I have very rarely gotten to do just that so my list of “must have” books is growing by the dozens each day! Every now and then I’m totally surprised when a book is emailed to me on a whim as was the case with this gem. And before I knew it, I was fully immersed in the blood, sweat and tears of a fellow writer.

*Trigger Warning*

I felt like an old classmate and I were playing catch up while reading Black Canvas. Both adults now; trying to explain away any awkwardness and moments of distance in our past. Nicole Kidwell’s book opens with all too relatable and very painful #MeToo moments. I found myself having to…

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I’m Excited

Just a quick post to let you all know that my poetry book/ fact-fiction life story is now available on AMAZON and Barnes & Noble. It has taken me a little while but I've finally done it.  The book at the moment is POD from and I also have copies available to autograph in my … Continue reading I’m Excited

Random Book Notes 

All 74 poems from Black Canvas plus the 47 either removed or extra pieces for a grand total of 151 but I'll probably boost it to 160. Canvas I: Black (BC remastered) re-released in 2018.

||•Darkness & Beauty•||

Beauty is found even within the darkness. It is painted on us in the vivid colors of love, pain, confusion, and mistakes. Embedding itself Scarring Leaving tattoo like impressions on our skin. Oh how we've endured such pain in the process but love the finished product in the end.