Black Canvas, poetry

||Return of the Queen||

When she left, their metaphorical castle walls came crumbling down behind her. And never once did she wonder how they would fare beneath the debris. From underneath the rubble, they scream. Their cries fell on deaf ears, but they continue to fight until from under this weight they are released. A young princess, left to… Continue reading ||Return of the Queen||

Forbidden Chances, Poetic Series, poetry

||Forbidden Chances: Pt One||

Who knew a group date Could change my fate?? Introductions fuel seduction I need a distraction For he is not mine I cannot have him For he has some one I belong to another Therefore, We are forbidden Trying not to look for too long But our eyes exchange glances All the while my eyes… Continue reading ||Forbidden Chances: Pt One||


|| Temptation||

It beckons me Temptation It smells my weakness and it comes calling crawling creeping from beneath obscurities Waiting to feast on my insecurities Oh why do you smell so sweet? Vanilla with a hint of possibility As you stand there in all of your absolute glory. Caramel complexion, contoured abs, bedroom eyes, beautiful smile, and… Continue reading || Temptation||

poetry, Thieves of the Night

||•Thieves of the Night•||

The poem behind a poetic story I'm working on bases on this and a series I wrote called Forbidden Chances. Will post those later in the day. I watched his hands in anticipation of where they soon would be as he signed the receipt. He looks at me, devilishly then hands over to me the… Continue reading ||•Thieves of the Night•||

Black Canvas, poetry

||•Killed the Cat•||

This is a poem from my book Black Canvas: I followed you Instead of my instincts that day From the playground to your efficiency Where you efficiently played on my curiosity And convinced me to stay. We talked For a little while, We sat there on your bed My 15 year old body Cradled between… Continue reading ||•Killed the Cat•||