BLACK CANVAS by Nicole Kidwell | Book Review

This review of my book touched me.

authenticitee speaks

I really prefer to buy books by indie authors who self publish because it’s my personal way of honoring their labor of love. In the past year or so however; I have very rarely gotten to do just that so my list of “must have” books is growing by the dozens each day! Every now and then I’m totally surprised when a book is emailed to me on a whim as was the case with this gem. And before I knew it, I was fully immersed in the blood, sweat and tears of a fellow writer.

*Trigger Warning*

I felt like an old classmate and I were playing catch up while reading Black Canvas. Both adults now; trying to explain away any awkwardness and moments of distance in our past. Nicole Kidwell’s book opens with all too relatable and very painful #MeToo moments. I found myself having to…

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