Well not technically….

Just wanted to give you guys a look into the poetry books that I have, have ordered today and will be getting in the next 2 weeks to read and give my feedback on.

Books that I have:

  • Diamond In The Rough by Minisa Martin.
  • Trial by Fire by Tracy Merced
  • 3 A.M. Heartbreak Material
  • My North Star Misled Me by Sarah Lamar King
  • Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel by R.H. Sin
  • Heavy Crowns by Anna Corniffe
  • The Silence Between Moonbeams by Sarah Doughty
  • Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook
  • La Douler Exquise by J.R. Rouge

Books I got today:

  • Helium by Rudy Francisco
  • Brain Dead by Reggie Johnson
  • Autopsy by Donte Collins
  • Conversation with a Cancer by Reggie Johnson

Books I’m getting in 2 weeks:

  • Still Can’t Do My Daughter’s Hair by William Evans
  • Internal Monologue by April O. Wakefield-Spikener
  • This Crown Ain’t Worth Much by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqi

||•Book News•||

It’s been almost one year (Sept 30th) since the release of my first book Black Canvas. Thank you to everyone that has been there and supported me throughout that entire process and to everyone who has purchased it! Black Canvas II will be released Sept 30, 2018. Before then I will be re-releasing Black Canvas with a new cover and more poems and making it available in all formats. *Hopefully before Christmas*

||Return of the Queen||

When she left,
their metaphorical castle walls
came crumbling down behind her.
And never once did she wonder
how they would fare beneath the debris.
From underneath the rubble,
they scream.
Their cries fell on deaf ears,
but they continue to fight
until from under this weight
they are released.
A young princess,
left to tend to the wounds of her king.
Her words, bandage scars
and heals the wounds that cannot be seen
Charged with the task
of creating miracles out of broken beliefs.
To make warriors of very young princes,
all in the name of protecting
our new castle as they build again
from the broken pieces.
a stronger family,
united in their new kingdom.
Despite tragedy.
And now
here she comes
returning to reclaim a place
that was rightfully once her own.
And finds herself;
a queen,