Well not technically….

Just wanted to give you guys a look into the poetry books that I have, have ordered today and will be getting in the next 2 weeks to read and give my feedback on.

Books that I have:

  • Diamond In The Rough by Minisa Martin.
  • Trial by Fire by Tracy Merced
  • 3 A.M. Heartbreak Material
  • My North Star Misled Me by Sarah Lamar King
  • Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel by R.H. Sin
  • Heavy Crowns by Anna Corniffe
  • The Silence Between Moonbeams by Sarah Doughty
  • Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook
  • La Douler Exquise by J.R. Rouge

Books I got today:

  • Helium by Rudy Francisco
  • Brain Dead by Reggie Johnson
  • Autopsy by Donte Collins
  • Conversation with a Cancer by Reggie Johnson

Books I’m getting in 2 weeks:

  • Still Can’t Do My Daughter’s Hair by William Evans
  • Internal Monologue by April O. Wakefield-Spikener
  • This Crown Ain’t Worth Much by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqi

||•Book News•||

It’s been almost one year (Sept 30th) since the release of my first book Black Canvas. Thank you to everyone that has been there and supported me throughout that entire process and to everyone who has purchased it! Black Canvas II will be released Sept 30, 2018. Before then I will be re-releasing Black Canvas with a new cover and more poems and making it available in all formats. *Hopefully before Christmas*


here I am again.
Knocking at the door if your heart
hoping that you’re home because
as you can see, I’m not quite done with building my own.
I’ve convinced myself that
I am homeless without you.
So I pushed my mind aside
and with swallowed pride
I bang on your door
with a sense of urgency,
because this; I am the emergency
and I am in need of saving.
I bang…
Easing up at the sound of
your footsteps on approach.
I hesitate; wait
but I am met with nothing
accept for your silence.
You have but have not
acknowledged that I am here.
I stand here; broken
Angry that you ignore me.
I am vulnerable
and thought I had meant
much more to you than this.
So I start yelling and
throwing up ultimatums.
Threaten that ‘if you don’t let me back in
I will take it all away.’
And still you say;
You think you’ve called my bluff
and now as I have given up,
turning to leave
you watch through the peep hole in disbelief.
Stepping off the last stair I hear you speak
“Baby, wait.”
You open the door but not all the way.
Just enough so that I could see
the parts of you,
only the ones you wanted me to; Just enough of the old you
the you I would come running back to
And I did.
Against the warning of my intuition,
bombarding my way back in. 

©Nicole Kidwell
*This is poem 1st in my 2nd book, picking up exactly where Black Canvas left off.