Well not technically….

Just wanted to give you guys a look into the poetry books that I have, have ordered today and will be getting in the next 2 weeks to read and give my feedback on.

Books that I have:

  • Diamond In The Rough by Minisa Martin.
  • Trial by Fire by Tracy Merced
  • 3 A.M. Heartbreak Material
  • My North Star Misled Me by Sarah Lamar King
  • Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel by R.H. Sin
  • Heavy Crowns by Anna Corniffe
  • The Silence Between Moonbeams by Sarah Doughty
  • Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook
  • La Douler Exquise by J.R. Rouge

Books I got today:

  • Helium by Rudy Francisco
  • Brain Dead by Reggie Johnson
  • Autopsy by Donte Collins
  • Conversation with a Cancer by Reggie Johnson

Books I’m getting in 2 weeks:

  • Still Can’t Do My Daughter’s Hair by William Evans
  • Internal Monologue by April O. Wakefield-Spikener
  • This Crown Ain’t Worth Much by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqi

Behind Black Canvas

A brief look behind my book. I’m thinking about doing another more in-depth look at it. Let me know if you guys want to know more.. (and no you are not seeing double this was on my other blog lol)

Where did Black Canvas come from?

  Honestly, out of nowhere. I had started writing another book called “In Her Ruins” (which I’m still working on) and got the sudden urge to stop because that wasn’t the book I needed to be writing, so I put Ruins on hold and wrote Canvas.

What is the inspiration for the book?

  As simply as I can state it, life and silence.

There are so many things going on in just our little versions of the world and the number of things we choose to stay silent about when indeed we should speak. I admittedly stayed silent about a few things in my life that I have now decided to speak up about because someone else is going through it too and they need to know it is not just them. They are not alone.


Who is the book based off of and who is Journee?

  BC is based on things that I have seen and/or experienced throughout my life with a bit of fiction thrown in. It is a combination of me, my family, my friends, co-workers, strangers, and Journee is all of those people wrapped up into one.

Are you planning on doing another Canvas book?

  Absolutely! I feel as though it left off asking to be continued. I plan on at least 2 more BC books with one being released in 2019 maybe but before then; I am actually doing a director’s cut version if you will of BC and adding in the poems that I had initially taken out plus adding in some new poetry and going a little deeper into Journee’s story.


Where to buy the book?

It is available on my website (only place autographed copies are available), on Blurb.com, and soon to be available on Amazon.

||Forbidden Chances: Pt One||

Who knew a group date
Could change my fate??

Introductions fuel seduction
I need a distraction
For he is not mine
I cannot have him
For he has some one
I belong to another

We are forbidden

Trying not to look for too long
But our eyes exchange glances
All the while my eyes are enchanted
Dancing over every inch of you

You tell me your name
I am slow to speak my own
Because in my head
I’m repeating over and over
Is please don’t leave us together alone

A hug embraced, our first mistake
Inducing the spark
Physical interaction
This hug goes on a few seconds to long

Instant attraction

We all sit down, drinks start flowing
Round after round
This is bound to get interesting

My mans right her, your girl is right there
Although both are engaged in the groups conversation
So much so that neither noticed us getting closer
At the other end of the table

Getting deeper and deeper in conversation
Gaining liquid courage
Words are changing
Turning into questions that shouldn’t be
Because we keep brushing against each other

I test you, you test me
I tempt you, you tempt me
I touch you, you touch me

Nobody is stopping
Nobody is watching
To see that we are so close
So all alone

Placed your hand on my knee
My mind starts daydreaming
Because my body is feining
it wants more

I place my hand on top of yours
Slide your hand up my thigh
And we lock eyes
We know where this is going

With every drink that we take
Temptation is blurring
The lines of our limitations
The tension is baiting
Hesitations and reservations
Are all falling away
No action now is mistaken
Forbidden chances are calling
Begging to be taken…

||•Thieves of the Night•||

The poem behind a poetic story I’m working on bases on this and a series I wrote called Forbidden Chances. Will post those later in the day.

I watched his hands in anticipation
of where they soon would be
as he signed the receipt.
He looks at me, devilishly
then hands over to me the keys.
This room, we make home for the night
but as we cross the threshold
we know we’re trespassing.

We stand here, by the bed
staring at each other intensely.
One hand on your shoulder
and one around my waist.
One hand pulling you in closer
and your other, brushing the hair from my face.

Close enough
For our lips to touch,
I can taste your want for me
as you breathe
I giggle at a slight moment of hesitancy
allowing it to fade away as we
fall into our bed of wrong decisions
and perfectly made sheets.

The contrast of our sin
against the purity of these white sheets
excite me. 
This time, these moments
were not ours to seize
but we are insistent on stealing.
So with each touch,
each perfectly placed kiss,
every shudder that runs my body,
and after every moan I release
I inhale
and deeply
embrace in our thievery.